Sonntag, November 19, 2017

Englischtage 2015

Class 6a and 6b had some fun in english at the beginning of June. We went to Brandenburg Gate and interviewed tourists, we wore school uniforms and we cooked together. 

Read what the pupils wrote about these special days:

English Breakfast


On the 04.06.2015 our class had an english-breakfast with the other class.

We should wear dark trousers and light shirts, we should wear a tie if we had one.

Everyone should bring food, I should bring cereals.

We should cook things like sausages or mushrooms.

I helped with the sausages and it was very easy to make them.

Everyone brought food and it was a yummy breakfast.

It was Mohammed's birthday, but he was not in school.

The breakfast was funny but it was over fast.:(







We had english breakfast on thursday.

I brought orange juice to school.

I ate bread and tomatoes and I drank orange juice.

It was good and funny. Steven, Maurice, Robin and Selina cooked. I kept an eye on the cornflakes.


 Yannik 08.06.2015


Tourist interview Brandenburg Gate















On wednesday we did interviews in groups of 3 students.

On monday our class made a questionaire for this.

We met at 8.15 o´clock in our classroom.

From there we drove to Brandenburg Gate by bus and train.

When we got there we went in groups.

I was in a group with Giselle and Yannik.

In my group we asked:

What´s your name?

Where are you from?

How long are you in Germany?

Wich places did you visit in Berlin?

Do you like Germany?


Most tourists were from Brasil and all tourists like Germany.

It was a very nice day.


Thank you for your time to read it!

Have a good day!!!



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